£2297.30 has been raised for the Legal Defence Fund (after the paypal fee has been taken out). This is amazing! The funds were contributed for Isabella’s defence in just over 1 week since she was brutally arrested at her daughter’s wedding.

We were able to pay Isabella’s lawyer (£750) – who is continuing to fight for Isabella’s rightful return to London. £115 was used for material support and All remaining funds (£1182.30) were sent to Isabella.


Please take a few minutes to sign this petition calling for Theresa May to normalise Isabella Acevedo’s citizenship status. We are hoping to get at least 5000 signatures. Please share!

“Isabella Acevedo has been forced into hiding, her family is being torn apart and they are facing destitution having lost their income.

The hard-working Acevedo family have spent close to 15 years in London – building a modest life. During this time, Isabella never had any sick pay, never had any holiday pay and earned less the minimum wage. Despite the difficulty, she was able to provide for her small family and create a home and life in London.  All of this is now at risk of being destroyed as result of the deleterious politics of Theresa May and Mr Harper.”